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:star: Last updated: January 13, 2011

So far, we've collected a lot of resources to help artists. We've put them all in one big directory journal that we can update if we get more. Hopefully someone finds them helpful, tell your friends by sharing the link to this journal. Feel free to suggest more sites to add to the list!

Almost all of these sources are FREE!

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::star: TABLE OF CONTENTS: :star::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:

(Just copy the title, press Ctrl + F, and paste in the title, to get taken to the section quickly.)

:bulletblue: 1. Anatomy Help
:bulletred: 2. Art Communities
:bulletblue: 3. Art Programs
:bulletred: 4. Inspiration From Other Artists
:bulletblue: 5. Music For Leisure
:bulletred: 6. Must-Have Tools
:bulletblue: 7. Stock Images & Textures
:bulletred: 8. 3D Programs & 3D Resources
:bulletblue: 9. Royalty-free Music & Sound Effects
:bulletred: 10. Tutorials For Art Programs

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::star: 1. ANATOMY HELP: :star::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:

:bulletblue: Andrew Loomis:
Six anatomy/life drawing books that went out of print. (Be careful not to accidentally miss "The Eye of The Painter," it's the last book and the cover is white and blends in!) Very helpful with teaching you how to make different character body types/sizes.
:bulletblue: Drawing Anatomy Lecture Series:
This website is advertising art lessons by a guy named Glenn. They're expensive, so we don't recommend buying them. BUT, scattered throughout the site are free YouTube videos of him drawing and explaining anatomy construction. DO watch those.
:bulletblue: Famous Artists Caroon Course:
A completely scanned book series about how to draw for cartooney and realistic proportions. Both go together for stylish life/motion in your art. Click "Newer Entries" at the bottom for more lessons.
:bulletblue: Hitokaku:
It's in Japanese, but just clicking around randomly will get you to many helpful "how to draw" pages (for human perspective and clothes).
:bulletblue: Ken Hultgren on Cartooning:
Find out how to draw fluid characters like this animator.
:bulletblue: PSG Art tutorial:
Hand drawn and colored tutorial explaining how to color/shade to give your characters believable 3D form.
:bulletblue: Posemaniacs:
The section called "Hands for drawing" also has models you can rotate and zoom in with the mouse's scroll button. (WARNING: This site is 100% full of nude 3D human models.)
:bulletblue: The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation:
Notes by Disney animators. It's a big novel with pictures.

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::star: 2. ART COMMUNITIES: :star::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:

:bulletred: Carbonmade:
Porfolio website. Free.
:bulletred: Coroflot:
High quality art portfolio site for designers. Potential way to get jobs.
:bulletred: Comic Genesis:
For hosting your web comics, reading others'; comics, and talking with members.
Has galleries by inspirational, professional artists.
:bulletred: DrunkDuck:
Post your web comics, read others'; web comics, and talk.
:bulletred: Elfwood:
An art community for fantasy artists.
:bulletred: Etsy:
Do you make crafts, clothes, or sell art? Promote your wares here!
:bulletred: Formspring:
Lets other people ask you random questions, could be art related (used as an FAQ). The people can be anonymous.
:bulletred: Fur Affinity:
Art community for people dedicated to animals and animal people. (You have to email an admin to join currently, though.) (WARNING: Contains mature content.)
:bulletred: ImagineFX:
Website for the magazine of the same name. It has galleries, forums, and if you click "Downloads" > "Misc" there are art lessons to download.
:bulletred: iFreelance:
Compete with other artists for job offers and/or list your skills.
:bulletred: Imagekind:
Sell fancy prints of your traditional art.
:bulletred: LinkedIn:
Network with people in the art industry. Post your resume.
Post your portfolio; it's a place for freelance artists to get job offers.
:bulletred: MangaBullet:
Small art community for manga and anime artists. They host contests, usually around holidays, with prizes like figures and art books.
:bulletred: Nikos Paintchat:
Paintchat is like oekaki, but with a lot of people. When you go to a room, you have to wait for the day's art to load. You have to earn respect to unlock more rooms.
:bulletred: RedBubble:
Sell traditional art, photos, writing, and graphic design.
:bulletred: SheezyArt:
Similar to dA, but smaller and you can get ratings if you want.
:bulletred: sketchaholic:
Live chats with famous concept artists who host contests with expensive prizes.
:bulletred: Smack Jeeves:
Upload your own web comics here, network with readers and artists, and read other webcomics.
:bulletred: pixiv:
The site's in Japanese and you need an account to look at the pictures, but it's an inspiring site to lurk around.
:bulletred: Vimeo:
Are you an animator or a short film maker? Post your projects to this "artistic YouTube."
:bulletred: Webs:
Need a free website? Here it is. Has features like forums, guestbooks, and more.
:bulletred: Wix:
Want a cool-looking website that doesn't need much design work? Wix is free, but might not be the best choice if you want fast loading times.

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::star: 3. ART PROGRAMS: :star::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:

:bulletblue: Artweaver:
Download "Artweaver Free" for a program that has textures and painting-like qualities. Similar to Photoshop.
:bulletblue: Caustics Generator:
Download this program, input numbers to create waves for different water patterns. Combine it with on blending mode in an art program (like Photoshop) for underwater lighting.
:bulletblue: drawr:
A drawr account comes with your pixiv account (talked about in "ART COMMUNITIES"). It's similar to Tegaki, where you can draw on the site (it has no layers) and hand write your comments. Technically, you can comment on others'; art with an image reply if you don't know Japanese, or just give it a star (to "Favorite").
:bulletblue: Flat2D:
This site lets you download Easytoon, D-pixed, OpenCanvas (2D programs); Hexagreat 3D, and Nekoviewer (3D programs). Free.
:bulletblue: GIMP:
This is free art software that's similar to Photoshop. It freezes up when you try to open it for about a minute, but then it works fine.
:bulletblue: Oekaki:
There are many different oekaki boards, but this is the main headquarters. Oekaki is a drawing application in your browser. You submit your art to a board for comments, and can comment on others. There are different version depending on where you are, like PaintBBS (has 2 layers and is pixelated) and Shi-Painter (has many layers and is like a simple Photoshop. Shi-Painter Pro has different brushes).
:bulletblue: Pencil:
This is similar to Flash, but more simplified and free. You can add sound, too.
:bulletblue: Sumo Paint:
A drawing application that you can use in your web browser without downloading, or you can download it onto your desktop. You can also submit your work to their art community.
:bulletblue: Tegaki E:
Draw pictures on one layer in a preset size and receive hand written comments by the art community at Tegaki E.

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::star: 4. INSPIRATION FROM OTHER ARTISTS: :star::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:

:bulletred: Baka-Updates Manga:
If you write your favorite manga title or author on the right search bar, their profile sometimes contains the link to the artist's personal blog. Very inspirational! (WARNING: Sometimes the blogs contain mature content, though!)
:bulletred: Ballistic Publishing:
Click the name of one of the art books on the right. After the new page loads, scroll down and preview the art book in the "Book Previewer."
:bulletred: Google Books:
No money to buy art tutorial books? Just search the title or topic and it might be on here for free! Sometimes it's 100% there, sometimes some pages are hidden, and sometimes it's not there at all. At least try, though!
:bulletred: Minitokyo:
Similar to Zerochan, except you can upload your own fan art under "Indy-Art."
:bulletred: Monkeyslunch:
Find out how to promote yourself as an artist.
:bulletred: My Medicated Cartoon Life:
Feeling depressed about art? Well, so's this animator.
:bulletred: Panoramio:
Ever wanted to take a tour around the world? Just go around "town" clicking photos of landmarks people uploaded.
:bulletred: The Cool Hunter:
Weird fashion, items, and architecture that might spark some ideas.
:bulletred: Zerochan:
Get a free account and start collecting beautiful manga site art based on your favorite series. After favoriting enough things, browse through your high quality favorites to feel inspired and competitive. (We're addicted!)

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::star: 5. MUSIC FOR LEISURE: :star::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:

(We have accounts on all of these music sites. Our username is "katt230," so feel free to add us as friends on the sites (if the website lets you have friends).)

:bulletblue: Grooveshark:
Free. Create playlists any way you want, skip songs, listen in any order. Has basically every song ever. Our personal favorite.
:bulletblue: Jango:
Get a playlist of music/bands based on an artist you picked. Free.
Free internet radio. Play your favorite band's station and "love" the songs you like best. It plays music based on those tastes.
:bulletblue: Pandora Radio:
Create stations based on one band, it plays similar songs based on what you thumbs up. You can add other bands to the station, too.
:bulletblue: PureVolume:
Listen to individual artists. Some offer free downloads and music videos.
:bulletblue: Slacker Web Player:
Similar to Pandora, but less good.

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::star: 6. MUST-HAVE TOOLS: :star::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:

:bulletred: COLOURlovers:
Can't think of a color scheme? Pick one of the many this database has to offer.
:bulletred: Colorburned:
Photoshop brushes, tutorials, and other art-related news.
:bulletred: Dropbox:
Our referral to Dropbox. If you make an account from the page we linked to, both of us get an extra 250 MB along with our original 2 GB. Drag your files into its folder on your desktop and it will duplicate the file on the Dropbox website (if you have multiple computers, it creates a network). Never fear losing your files again! (Watch out, if you drag it out of the folder, it isn't in the network anymore. Copy the file and leave it in the folder to be safe!)
:bulletred: Overstream:
Do you upload YouTube tutorial videos? Easily add subtitles to them in any language you know with Overstream.
:bulletred: PayPal:
If you want to sell/buy commissions, getting an account is vital! Don't risk sending real money through snail mail.
:bulletred: Photobucket:
Need to keep extra images somewhere (such as WIPs or stuff you want to show your friends)? Put them here.
Has vehicle, furniture, and more blue prints.
:bulletred: Thomas Suurland:
Website containing blueprints and 3D tutorials.
:bulletred: TinEye:
Afraid of art thieves? TinEye lets you search for your images in their database to see if anyone has taken your art. Write the URL to your image in their search or install the plugin (just right click your image for an option to use TinEye).

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::star: 7. STOCK IMAGES & TEXTURES: :star::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:

Download new, free fonts for your computer. Good for web comics and the like. There are also dingbats, which can be enlarged for images or shrunk for bullets.
:bulletblue: High Resolution Textures:
Free textures. Comes in packages that you have to unzip.
:bulletblue: Lost and Taken:
Free textures for commercial or personal use. They're high quality, need to be downloaded as a package, but are very unique and large.
:bulletblue: TextureWell:
Unique, high quality  texture stock images free for anyone to use. You have to download them as packages.
:bulletblue: Texture Lovers:
Contains free texture stock images, tutorials on how to use them, and links at the bottom (called "Worth a Visit") to more texture stock sites.
:bulletblue: Urban Dirty:
Free, gritty textures. View images in S, M, or L (small, medium, or large).

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::star: 8. 3D PROGRAMS & 3D RESOURCES: :star::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:

:bulletred: Anim8or:
A free 3D program. Less advanced than Blender.
:bulletred: Blender:
A free 3D program. One of the most advanced and professional free ones there is.
:bulletred: BlenderArtists:
A forum for Blender users to talk, show their work, and use tutorials.
:bulletred: Blender Cookie:
Has free models, textures, tutorials, and more.
:bulletred: Blender Guru:
Tutorials and videos that show you how to model professionally with Blender.
:bulletred: Cgtuts+:
Has free tutorials for 3D and lighting programs and video-making software, such as Adobe After Effects.
:bulletred: DAZ 3D:
A free 3D program that lets you pose characters and environments. It's compatible with Poser, a not free program by the same company. Every Wednesday, they give away a random, free model in their Free 3D Models section.
:bulletred: PlantSudio:
A 3D program that can be used for 2D pictures and simulates the growth of plants. You choose aspects of plants (such as if they have berries or not, how many flowers, the lengths of their stems and leaves, etc.) and the program can calculate what they look like at certain ages. Kind of primitive looking and hard to use if you know nothing about plant anatomy.
Use these two registration codes to get your legitimately free version (and yes, the registration name is a sentence):
Registration Name: PlantStudio is now free
Registration Code: 574 127 4255
:bulletred: ShareCG:
Download textures and plug-ins, use tutorials, and more.
:bulletred: Wikibooks for Blender:
Several free online textbooks that teach you how to use Blender.
:bulletred: Yorik's Blender Greenhouse and Greenhouse - Blender for Architecture:
Both sites offer free trees and plants for you to download and use without consequence. The sites share some of the same models, but also have a few not found on the other site.

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::star: 9. ROYALTY-FREE MUSIC & SOUND EFFECTS: [Star!][Bullet; Purple][Bullet; Purple]

Use this music and SFX for animation projects or the like. Royalty-free means you don't need to pay for these and can legally use them without consequence. Do not forget to give credit, though.

[Bullet; Blue] Derek R. Audette:
Free to use, just give credit. Right click the "Download" link and click "Save Target/Link As..." to save the file.
[Bullet; Blue] Flying Hands:
Free to use, just give credit. Right click the "Download" link and click "Save Target/Link As..." to save the file.
[Bullet; Blue] Incompetech:
Royalty free music, just give credit. Click a genre to see songs, then click the "Download [song name] in High Quality" link.
[Bullet; Blue] Musopen:
Free public domain classical music. You can download after making a free account.
[Bullet; Blue] PacDV:
Music and sound effects. Right click the "[song name]" link and click "Save Target/Link As..." to save the file.
[Bullet; Blue] Public Domain 4U:
Songs in the public domain and artists that gave the website permission. Click the song name, get taken to a new page, on the new page, right click the blue "[song name] (mp3)" link and click "Save Target/Link As..." to save the file.
[Bullet; Blue] Sonnyboo:
Free to use, just give credit. You have to unzip the folder containing the song by clicking "Extract all files".
[Bullet; Blue] SoundClick:
You need to make a free account to download music. Go to Music > License Songs and Beats > seach "License Type" as "Creative Commons (free)." The table says "yes" or "no" if the artist will let you use the piece for "Commercial" use or if you can do "Modifications" to their song.
[Bullet; Blue] Taylor Hayward Piano Music:
Free piano songs.

[Bullet; Purple][Bullet; Purple][Star!] 10. TUTORIALS FOR ART PROGRAMS: [Star!][Bullet; Purple][Bullet; Purple]

We don't want to list too many of these, because they're easy to find on Google or YouTube.

[Bullet; Red] PSD Vault:
Has free tutorials for Photoshop and inspirational art.
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